Ticketliquidator.com Website Review & Ratings + Ticket Liquidator Coupons
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Ticketliquidator.com Website Review & Ratings + Ticket Liquidator Coupons

Ticket Liquidator is a website/retailer of tickets of events like:

  • Concerts (classic rock, pop, rock, family/comedy, festivals and shows, others)
  • Sports (NBA, NFL, College football and baseball, NHL, Wrestling, Soccer, NHL Hockey, Boxing, Olympics, Tennis, etc.)
  • Theater (Musicals, plays, Broadway, Comedy, Opera, Dance, Cirque du Soleil, Ballet, Family, etc.)
  • Las Vegas (Theater, Magic, Cirque du Soleil, Adult Shows, Impersonators, Comedy, Concerts, others)
  •  NASCAR (Sprint Cup series, Indianapolis 500, Coke Zero 400, Daytona 500, Canadian Grand Prix, Food City 500, Subway Fresh Fit 500, Shelby 427, Irwin Tools 500, Crown Royal 400)

You can also resell your extra tickets using the Ticket Liquidator  website.  All you need to do is create a free account to get started.  Here are some benefits for you as a reseller of your tickets at Ticket Liquidator:

  • You have the option to set ticket prices. 
  • With Ticket Liquidator, there is no insertion fee to have your tickets listed on the website.  You pay only if your ticket is sold through the site.
  • Upon sale completion, it’s the time you pay, and only 10% of the price of your ticket.  Other sites like Stubhub charge 15% or more to resell your tickets.

To start reselling your tickets click here.

Ticket Liquidator: What makes it different?
Advantages of Ticket Liquidator:
  • Ticket Liquidator does not charge an insertion fee.  You pay only if your tickets are sold.
  • You pay only 10% of tickets sold. 
  • You can choose the best seats available.
  • Super fast delivery system.  As sand2toes of Denver says: “My daughter wanted to attend a Carrie Underwood concert...keeping in mind this is about 5 hours before the concert. I searched ticket liquidators and found fabulous seats 2nd row center for a SUPER deal. I was a bit nervous about the time frame in receiving the tickets. Ticket Liquidators came through tickets via email at 4:45 for a 7:30 PM concert.”
  • Very informative website that answers the top customer FAQs.
Best Available Ticket Liquidator Coupon:
Ticket Liquidator vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Ticket Liquidator)

One of the major competitors of Ticket Liquidator is Stubhub.  Here are the comparisons between Ticket Liquidator and Stubhub:

Advantages of Ticket Liquidator over Stubhub:

  • Stubhub charges 15% to sell your tickets, whereas with Ticket Liquidator, you are charged with only 10%, and only if your ticket is sold.
  • Ticket Liquidator offers lower prices than Stubhub.  In fact, lower than most competitors.
  • Customer service at Ticket Liquidator has garnered more positive reviews.  To compare customer reviews click for Ticket Liquidator here , For Stubhub click here.
  • Ticket Liquidator offers more choices of events, in more categories, than Stubhub.
  • Ticket Liquidator website answers more important questions than Stubhub website.

Advantages of Stubhub over Ticket Liquidator:

  • The Stubhub Fan Protect Guarantee for buyers and sellers is a main feature of the Stubhub marketing strategy.  Among other things, it insures against fraud for buyers and guarantees payment for sellers.  For Stubhub Fan Protect Guarantee details click here.  Although Ticket Liquidator also has a mechanism against fraud, it is not as prominently featured in its marketing strategy.  Perhaps this can be improved by promoting this feature more prominently in the form of a guarantee program.

 Other major competitors of Ticket Liquidator are:

Ticket Liquidator: Product images & screenshots
Ticket Liquidator Coupons
Ticket Liquidator: Detailed review

Ticket Liquidator started operating in 2002.  Today, it is the third largest ticket resale website in the United States, with a nationwide network that conducts business with licensed companies and individual consumers for the resale of tickets to thousands of events.  Ticket Liquidator has access to the largest inventory of online tickets, which is TicketNetwork Direct.  Ticket Liquidator’s base of loyal customers keeps increasing on a daily basis.

Ticket Liquidator’s primary purpose is the resale of tickets to all sorts of entertainment events.  However, since many events require travel as necessary component of enjoyment, Ticket Liquidator also helps facilitate amenities (the information sent through email three days before the event) that include:

  • Driving directions from shipping address to the venue
  • A 10-day weather forecast of the venue locale
  • Links to local restaurants in the venue area 

If you are one of the following, you will definitely benefit from Ticket Liquidator: 

  • If you are a price conscious consumer, who wish to get the most from what you pay, you can definitely benefit from the services provided by Ticket Liquidator.  As Ponsydude of New Orleans commented: “Hands down, the best thing about it is that it has lower prices than Stubhub and Ticket Now. Sometimes I've saved as much as $50 by going to Ticketliquidator.com. Their service fee isn't too bad either compared with Stubhub and all that. I've even saved money going to them instead of going to Ticketmaster!” 
  • If you are an entertainment enthusiast who wants up to date information on major events. 
  • If you are someone who values fast customer service response.  Jennifer Johnson Stoughton of Wisconsin has this to say: “ A second event that was canceled due to the artiest illness was refunded with no problem to me within one week. I have to say their follow up and customer service is of the best I have ever had in any company I have ever worked with. I will only buy event tickets from this service.”
  • If you don’t want to miss an event whose deadline is fast approaching.  In short, Ticket Liquidator has a super fast and efficient delivery system. 
  • If you want to resell your tickets and maximize your profit at the same time.  Ticket Liquidator charges lesser than most market competitors, and charges only after sales is completed.
  • If you prefer an online platform that is easily navigable and user-friendly.  You can browse by city, by state or by events.
  • If you want safeguard from fraud.  One of the guarantees of Ticket Liquidator is safeguard from fraud.
Best Available Ticket Liquidator Coupon:
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Comments (5)

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Fito Paez

I have used TicketLiquidator, StubHub and Razorgator.com. I think StubHub is slightly cheaper, than the other two. However, their customer service is not so good, while Razorgator's is excellent.

David Rankin

Do your homework. I purchased tickets to the Seattle Nutcracker Ballet on Ticket Liquidators claim they are 15% less than other sites. With all the fee's and the actual face value of the seats. I paid nearly twice as much as I should have. Total and complete rip off. Do your home work!!! Go to the Box office direct if you can.

extremely informative article. a lot of information learned. thanks for sharing

I have triedTicketLiquidator.com but Ticketsinventory.com is more cheaper.

Customer Reviews
Ticket Liquidator Average Rating:
(2 ratings)
Ticket Liquidator 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Robert Talben — 79 months ago
4.0 Star Rating: Recommended
“Good experience, low fees”

I ordered broadway tickets from Ticket Liquidator last month. Compared to TicketsNow and other ticket sites TL has lower fees. The tickets came shipped in about 3 days, and I got a reminder as the event date came closer. Overall I had a positive experience with them. One thing I like the best is that they don't tack on some of the extra fees that other sites do. They do have a base service charge, but it came out to about 5% of the ticket price I think. I've seen charges of 8% or 10% or highe... read more

Sally Rena — 78 months ago
3.0 Star Rating: Satisfactory
“Good prices but they had slow shipping”

We recently got Lakers tix through Ticket Liquidator. In LA I usually go through stubhub and buy from direct sellers but we couldn't find the seats we wanted so we went through the bigger ticket sites like ticketmaster. Found good seats on ticket liquid and got them at about a 5% discount to what we found on ticket master.com. However, after we ordered we got our tickets sent 2 day delivery and it didn't come until the hitrd day. Luckily we didnt run into any problems since they came the day ... read more

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